Posted by: ourbakersdozen | October 1, 2015

Where have I been doing for almost two years now?

I have actually been writing a book for Advent and writing at Catholic Sistas. After spending over an hour updating the “meet our children” page I need to get onto other things so this post will be very brief so for today I’ll treat you to a few pictures and a couple of links to some of the articles I’ve written the past two years.

I began by writing an article about Driveway dating, and then I wrote something in the same vein as my advent book titled A day in the life of the Holy family. This one on Martyrdom was the most shared of all my articles thus far. I have taken over the First Friday Seven Quick Takes which is hosted by This Ain’t the Lyceum. Sometimes they are educational and sometimes they are very light hearted. And if you want to catch up on all I’ve written just go here.

And now for a few pictures… the family

Family photo Spring of 2015  BUT we already have a new family member due in April of 2016…




My boys!


Me and all my girls!

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