Posted by: ourbakersdozen | November 1, 2021

Hello Again – did you think I had forgotten my blog again?

Actually if it’s true confession time – I did kinda forget. Life just gets so busy as a mum of many. Even when you only still have three still at home. But I only forgot momentarily.

So I will try to add some pictures to this post. Again – confession time – I am extremely frustrated with word press which when I first started using was incredibly easy and very intuitive for me to use,. This “block” method, while touted as easy, is a huge frustration and quickly growing into a thorn in my side. I am currently working on a new page for the blog and am struggling with moving, removing and well as resizing photos. I am clueless. But hey I can still italicize text! And scratch through too! hehehe

So here goes nothing. In early August we celebrated our 41st wedding anniversary. Sadly our eldest who lives in Ireland was not able to return. thanks covid And obviously our daughter who is a sister with the Dominican Sisters of Hawthorne was not able to come home for that. (Currently she is on their front page under the Vocations title. You will see Mother adjusting her new veil but obviously at some point another sister will be in that spot. So – deep breath I am about to try and add a few photos. Cross your fingers and toes!

Okay – I am out of time for working on this post – but I have at least discovered how to actually add an image. Whew! Look for more anniversary pics to come – especially the ones taken of our individual reactions to the dessert several of us shared. Hint – it was taken off the menu after we tried it!

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