Posted by: ourbakersdozen | February 13, 2018

Throw back Thursday on a Tuesday

I have a habit of getting sayings and expressions wrong so it’s only fitting that while the rest of the world is doing ‘Throw Back Thursday’ – that I should have chosen to do Throw Back Tuesday. I just liked the idea of starting the week with a throw back instead of finishing the week with it and did not realize that Throw Back Thursday was a thing…  And since I’m largely writing this blog for my kids to be able to read later and laugh over memories of years gone by – it seems only fitting that they be able to laugh (once again) at my not quite getting it right. So from now on I believe I will call these posts “Throw Back Thursday on a Tuesday”.

In honour of this new title I think I will honour my fifth daughter whose birthday was yesterday with a collage of photos from the past 20  years as I don’t have online access to her earlier photos. Someday I need to take the time to scan and upload a lot of the family pictures taken before the internet and the “cloud” took over our photographic lives. This year is our second year of not having Gabriela home for her birthday. It’s a difficult adjusting to your daughter leaving home to live the life of a religious with a “new family” Because when you join a religious order  (Scroll to page 14 to see pictures of the ceremony.) you really do adopt a new family and leave your old one behind. But I draw comfort from what one of her new sisters said to me after the enrollment ceremony.  She came up and hugged me and said “Remember you are not losing a daughter; you are gaining so many new ones.”

Gabbys Collage 2018


So many beautiful memories captured here. Christmases,  Jenny’s wedding, Alicia’s wedding shower, visits with Aimee, snuggling new babies, snow days, trips to the zoo, outings to the movies. Kids writing and producing their own plays.
A little vacation Gabriela treated me to a few years ago – that’s the photo of the steak dinner we shared the last day of our vacation.


 Happy Birthday Gabby girl – we are looking forward to talking to you tonight!

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