Posted by: ourbakersdozen | December 12, 2013

Count down!

The countdown for us began on Hugo’s birthday in early November when our eldest daughter broke the news: (When you read this take a deep breath and read it as fast as you can to emulate how it feels for me to say/think this)

“OhmygoshsheiscominghomeforChristmasforthefirstimeinyears.Shetrickedus!!Wethoughtshecouldn’tcomehome atallthisyear.OHMYGOSH!Ican’tbelieveit!!!!”

When she told us, pandemonium broke lose and those still outside could hear the yells of joy and I suspect the walls vibrating from kids jumping up and down in absolute delight! It is a moment cemented in my mind for forever. One daughter shared later “I wondered at first if Frank had taken his firsts steps and thought – no he’s already done that!”


Her Last Christmas Home (We have had several additions since then: another child, inlaws and grandchildren)

And so began our own special advent. We have made it through Thanksgiving, St. Nickolas day, the feast of the Immaculate Conception and the first two Sundays of Advent. Finally today – my eldest is in the air winging across the pond. Or as she put it, she has; “taken a  seat in the air”. Simultaneously our 18 yr old is also ‘sitting in a chair in the air’ as he returns from Clearwater Monastary, where he has been for the past ten days.

God willing, in just a few short days, we will all be in the same state and shortly thereafter all in the same – dare I say it – HOUSE! How will we bear this wait?

By being busy of course.  And busy we are – preparing for Gaudete Sunday, the day our joy at the coming of our Savior flows over and diminishes our penitential waiting. For the past few years we have typically celebrated this special day in Advent with a quiet gathering at our home. When we started doing this, we generally made a few gingerbread houses with a couple of other families with a date set for us to come back together to break and eat our colourful candied houses.

Last year though we had to change from houses to gingerbread men as our celebration had grown to include several families whose company we enjoy. Today we begin the baking of thirty five, yes, thirty five gingerbread men. We are not sure how many families are going to show and we mustn’t have a child go home empty handed!

If you think you might like to bake some really cool cookies as well, just head over to my old blog for the recipe. Today we will not be adding the m&ms, as part of the fun for the kids is decorating the little baked men themselves.

And, one more day in our countdown will disappear in the blink of an eye!


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