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Where have I been doing for almost two years now?

I have actually been writing a book for Advent and writing at Catholic Sistas. After spending over an hour updating the “meet our children” page I need to get onto other things so this post will be very brief so for today I’ll treat you to a few pictures and a couple of links to some of the articles I’ve written the past two years.

I began by writing an article about Driveway dating, and then I wrote something in the same vein as my advent book titled A day in the life of the Holy family. This one on Martyrdom was the most shared of all my articles thus far. I have taken over the First Friday Seven Quick Takes which is hosted by This Ain’t the Lyceum. Sometimes they are educational and sometimes they are very light hearted. And if you want to catch up on all I’ve written just go here.

And now for a few pictures… the family

Family photo Spring of 2015  BUT we already have a new family member due in April of 2016…




My boys!


Me and all my girls!

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Count down!

The countdown for us began on Hugo’s birthday in early November when our eldest daughter broke the news: (When you read this take a deep breath and read it as fast as you can to emulate how it feels for me to say/think this)

“OhmygoshsheiscominghomeforChristmasforthefirstimeinyears.Shetrickedus!!Wethoughtshecouldn’tcomehome atallthisyear.OHMYGOSH!Ican’tbelieveit!!!!”

When she told us, pandemonium broke lose and those still outside could hear the yells of joy and I suspect the walls vibrating from kids jumping up and down in absolute delight! It is a moment cemented in my mind for forever. One daughter shared later “I wondered at first if Frank had taken his firsts steps and thought – no he’s already done that!”


Her Last Christmas Home (We have had several additions since then: another child, inlaws and grandchildren)

And so began our own special advent. We have made it through Thanksgiving, St. Nickolas day, the feast of the Immaculate Conception and the first two Sundays of Advent. Finally today – my eldest is in the air winging across the pond. Or as she put it, she has; “taken a  seat in the air”. Simultaneously our 18 yr old is also ‘sitting in a chair in the air’ as he returns from Clearwater Monastary, where he has been for the past ten days.

God willing, in just a few short days, we will all be in the same state and shortly thereafter all in the same – dare I say it – HOUSE! How will we bear this wait?

By being busy of course.  And busy we are – preparing for Gaudete Sunday, the day our joy at the coming of our Savior flows over and diminishes our penitential waiting. For the past few years we have typically celebrated this special day in Advent with a quiet gathering at our home. When we started doing this, we generally made a few gingerbread houses with a couple of other families with a date set for us to come back together to break and eat our colourful candied houses.

Last year though we had to change from houses to gingerbread men as our celebration had grown to include several families whose company we enjoy. Today we begin the baking of thirty five, yes, thirty five gingerbread men. We are not sure how many families are going to show and we mustn’t have a child go home empty handed!

If you think you might like to bake some really cool cookies as well, just head over to my old blog for the recipe. Today we will not be adding the m&ms, as part of the fun for the kids is decorating the little baked men themselves.

And, one more day in our countdown will disappear in the blink of an eye!

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How Many Times…


…must I zap my tea before I actually remember to drink it?

I don’t know… I’m losing count. I think I can be certain it’s not alzheimers causing me to forget my tea. And, since the microwave is not in the kitchen, I think I can safely assume it’s not radio active waves destroying my brain cells. (Though, maybe the repetitive zapping of my forgotten teas is making my hot beverages radio active?)

It’s more likely the sheer number of interruptions that occur in my chaotic life. My day is constantly punctuated with my 13 blessings. I’m either tying a shoe, rereading an algebra lesson in hopes of explaining it to a frustrated teen, answering a text from one of my married children or, I’ve noticed my eldest is online and I grab a moment (and my tea, if I can find it) to chat with her and catch up on her life which is always five hours ahead of mine.

Last night, Hugo asked me if I had seen the links he had sent me. Ooops! No. I checked my email yesterday at about 6 am, and never looked back! (I was chasing down that elusive tea between loads of laundry being dried outside on my makeshift clothes line due to the  untimely and greatly lamented passing of my dryer and running errands, with a little schooling squeezed in between.)

So this morning, while waiting on my tea to be reheated, I grabbed my phone and scrolled through a ton of email down to yesterdays.    I followed one of Hugo’s to Pope Francis. The following pictures will illustrate the impact our Holy Father’s words had on me.

decorating cookies nov 2013

Wasting time with my kids!

 decorated cookies nov 2013

Now, I just need to find that cup of tea so I can enjoy one of these yummy confections the kids and I whipped up this morning.  I think I’ll go check the microwave…

“‘And tell me, do you play with your children? Do you waste time with your children? The free gift of a parent’s time is so important,”

Pope Francis October 2013

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Dear Matt Walsh

Dear Matt:
I’m hoping I can do justice in my response but it will be written in a hurry because as a mother of a bakersdozen, I don’t have much time  and company is coming tomorrow. In a family this size – that’s a lot of hand prints to clean off the wall.

I was troubled by your very intelligent and cleverly penned words in answer to the very personal and, well, nasty attack this woman made on you.

By herself, she manages to be a black eye to the pro-choice group with her crude and not well thought out arguments for being pro-choice. If I were pro-choice I would be cringing! She embodies everything that is wrong with the evil of “choice” and its advocates.

But she also embodies something else.

The pain that abortion rains down on women, the unborn and society.

I saw in her twisted words, and the hatred she spewed at you, a cry of deep deep pain. This woman is almost assuredly a victim. Whether of abortion or simply of the immorality of today’s secular world I don’t know, but clearly she is very wounded.

I think if our beloved Pope St Francis had read your article – he would have wept. For her… and for your lack of sensitivity. The very plea he is making to the world  was ignored in your choice of words.  He would have rather you had ministered to this woman in love and when sufficient healing had taken place, gently lead her to the truth. In short he would have asked you to be Christ to her!

Yes, Christ took the Pharisees to  task. In righteous anger, he drove the the money changers out of the temple. But she was is not a money changer or the equivalent of one,  She was the woman at the well and she is the woman about to be stoned. A poor sinner, lost and suffering. Jesus would have born her spittle and the love pouring from his eyes would have either driven her away, or shamed her to her core causing her to throw herself at his feet weeping and willing to be healed.

We are not Jesus and can not, with one look, heal. But we can minister with His love. This is what Pope Francis is calling us to do.

Many are, shamefully and purposely, misconstruing Pope Francis’ words and leading others to mistakenly do the same and so some will argue SHAME ON YOU MATT! The Pope has admonished the faithful to not discuss abortion any more.

FALSE! I think Jesus would say to them: “Get behind me, satan!”

However, Pope Francis is calling us to love the sinners and to gently lead them to the truth. Until someone is healed and feels the love of Christ – he can not hear the truth.

Matt, her words were hurtful and painful and a personal attack. Your response is understandable. But I would have shelved my answer to her for at least a week and then read it. It was clever, amusing and you did a good job of ridiculing her.  But did you love her, forgive her ?  “Forgive them Father, for they know not what they do.”

Does she strike you, Matt, as one who knows what she is doing?

I hope, if you are attacked like that again you will correct them, but with love and humility. You have been given a wonderful talent with your ability to write powerful words and to influence many in this battle against the horrendous evil of abortion.  Use your gift wisely, and with love, Matt. To whom much is given… much will be asked!





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Groaner of the day

Groaner of the day:
Four yr old Cici was so excited to be helping me make the pancakes for lunch. She eagerly pulled open the fridge door under my watchful eye, and I directed her to take two eggs off the door.
I admonished her : “Carefully – very carefully, take two eggs Cici and then very carefully pass them…”
“Ummm, ok take another egg Cici…”

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note to self

When parking your non-descriptive tiny silver gray vehicle that looks like a thousand other silver gray cars and is shorter than all other vehicles in parking lot (unlike  our 15 passenger maroon monster van ) … make note of where you have parked.  Saves quite a few footsteps whilst pushing the overly full grocery cart!

note to self part two: When struggling with an issue – follow the advice so freely given to others and pray unceasingly until thoughts are under control and you no longer want to pound a pillow into dust.



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to followers of my blog

I’m trying to learn how to blog from my phone. As such, I’m not quite sure how to respond to comments BUT that doesn’t mean that my silence = ignoring my readers. Sadly the equation reads more like: Silence = ignorance

So please keep leaving comments because I really love hearing from you!

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too much time on facebook…

… is evident when you read a blog post and automatically search for the “like” button! Not that I do that. (Ahem)

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Wondering Where I have been?

Well, to be honest l have lost months , nay, years of writing. This is for a variety of reasons. They can be compiled into one word.


Yes, between Whiplash & carpel tunnel syndrome, writing had become nigh Impossible!


with Galaxy 4…. I can write get this….

WITH MY FINGER!!      On my phone!

Look forward to more scribbles. Literally.

And soon when I get a Galaxy tablet, my writing will TAKE OFF! I’m really looking forward to it!.:)

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Note to Self…


…when applying peppermint oil to throat as a natural remedy to fight possible strep throat infection do not,

I repeat, do not, rub already irritated  eye BEFORE washing hands.    eye-dropper





(photo credit is from brainless

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