Why Our Bakers Dozen?

Despite what some might think as the obvious answer as to why I would name my blog Our Bakers Dozen… the answer is actually a little more detailed than that it must be because we have thirteen children.

Even before our thirteenth, Cecilia Therese, was born I began thinking of a new blog name and after researching the definition of a bakersdozen settled on Our Bakers Dozen even though, contrary to popular belief, a bakersdozen is not limited to thirteen. In fact in answer to Henry III’s edict, the Assize of Bread and Ale, bakers began to throw in an extra loaf of bread, or two, (sometimes even three)  when selling in quantity to ensure that the weight of the bread met the strict standards of the edict. Failure to do so could result in the loss of a hand or at best a public flogging and a reputation of being a cheat. Hence a bakersdozen can in fact be as many as fifteen. So I feel quite confident that this journal, which is a continuation of my first blog, mum2twelve started in 2005, will not need to be renamed again.


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