School Is In Winter routine

6:30 1st P, 2nd P & 3rd P Prayer, Person & Partner

Wake, wash, dress, start 1 load laundry & prepare breakfast & pack lunch for Hugo. While drinking our morning tea – read from Conversations With God.

7:30 4th P parenting

Assist children with dressing & breakfast, clean up breakfast areas,

Blaze is walked before breakfast, fed during Spiritual Readings, then tied outside until 12:00

Spiritual Readings with children and short discussion (20 minutes max)

8:30 4th P parenting Begin School


(Alternate Daily Mass Routine🙂

6:30 four P’s Prayer, Person, Partner &  Parent:

All rise, dress, (pack fruit for Hugo’s breakfast at work) attend 7 AM Mass with children, Breakfast at  7:45, clean breakfast areas

8:45  4th P parenting Start school


10:00 Snack

11:30 advise person on lunch duty that it is time to start it

12:00 lunch & clean up  time, Blaze brought in for the afternoon

12:30 School Resumes

Quiet Reading Time in our bedrooms ( 1 – 2 pm  on Tuesday & Thursday due to outside Spanish classes from 2 – 3 & 2-3 pm Monday, Wednesday, Friday )

(This is 2nd p time for me: writing & computer time)

3 – 4 pm  (1st P & 4th P) prayer & parenting Chaplet, Chores, Free time

4 – 5 supper prep time

5 – 6 Supper & meal chores

6:30 – 7:30 (1st P & 4th P) prayer & parenting evening prayers

8:00  4th P Parenting Bed time for Children under ten

9:00 All children 10 – 15 in their rooms

third P  partner Time for Hugo & I (& sometimes 2nd P Person time for me for my writing)

10: 00 lights out

Fridays are Dates nights when Hugo and I are not available for bedtime & or family prayer time



  1. […] Routines […] Since moving to Salisbury – this routine has greatly changed and needs to be updated! We are currentlly using a wheels for our chore charts and I will put a picture of one of them shortly!

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