Posted by: ourbakersdozen | October 11, 2021

Picking up where I left off…

…and dusting off the old keyboard. I am hoping to stay on track this time around. My children greatly regret that I have not kept up with blogging as they love going back and reading all about what they did when they were 2, when they were 6 and when they were young teenagers.

So this foray back into the blogging world will be a mixture of memories and current news.

So current: we are attempting to build a small homestead on just under an acre of land and having to be very creative with space. We moved to this home in 2012 with 8 children still bundled in our little nest. We are now banging around our 1800 sq. foot 3 bedroom bungalow with only 3 kids remaining at home. However, we’ve added 3 large dogs, 4 cats, numerous chickens (several slated for the freezer) and just to keep life interesting (ok complicated) 2 baby mini Nubian goats. Whilst the chickens (thankfully) are all outside, though 14 started life in an incubator in one of our bathrooms, the mini Nubians are inside. Yes… you read correctly – inside. We started off with Jude when we picked him up at 1 week of age and happily being bottle fed. At that point we could actually put him down for a nap. Yup – I’m serious. I would close all the curtains in our large living room. Put him in the pack n play I brought down from storage and then quietly close the door to the living room. He would bleat and cry a little and then go to sleep. Bliss! The girls would settle down at the dining room table and try to get school work down before he was up and trying to eat their homework. Our 21 yr old son (temporary Goat sitter) would hustle outside and try to get some outdoor chores completed. I would tidy the kitchen and my husband would try to get some software written.

Then he stopped napping and his sister was dropped off last week. Whole new ball game. Now we have a baby goat who thinks he is human and we’ve added in a baby goat who is missing mama and refusing the bottle. Life on the Harvest Haven Homestead is never, ever, dull.

How about a memory now…. Oh my goodness where do I start? We have had babies added to the family and weddings…. a daughter received a new name as a Sister with the Dominican Sisters of Hawthorne… A few more children flew the nest, I traveled to Ireland. One daughter spent a semester in Milan, Italy. She also joined me in Ireland where she schemed with her future Brother in Law to create just the perfect proposal for her oldest sister. Before that she spent the summer in Ireland and recorded an album while there….

I think I will just stop here and come back in a bit to add pictures to some of these memories.

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