Welcome to Our Bakers Dozen. We are a large Catholic family with thirteen beautiful children whose births span three decades. When I started this blog two gorgeous grandchildren had joined the ranks, they are in this (side) family photo with the youngest one being held in our parish priest’s arms. Since then, three more grandchildren have been born; of which two can be seen below.  (Hint they are the twins, sitting on their mum’s lap, in the bottom photo.)

We are a blended family of a different sort, in that we are a blend of cultures. My husband hails originally from Argentina and is of German descent and I hail originally from Canada and am largely of British descent.  My husband is completely fluent  in both Spanish and English and I can claim Spanish as my second language. We met in University in Canada almost 30 years ago and married five months later. Two and half years after our marriage we started our journey in parenting.

In 1996 we accepted a transfer to the States with the company my husband had been working for since 1984. Six years later while expecting our eleventh child my husband joined Nortel’s ever increasing ranks of the ‘laid off’. That same day he started his own business, Surplus Equipment Solutions. The best way to describe my husband is to quote our first born son the day of our daughter’s wedding as he watched his father waltz with the bride. “Man – is there anything Padre can’t do?”

When this blog started in 2010 this business was in temporary hiatus while my husband embarked on a new career, teaching for a local Catholic school while pursuing his Masters. Have I mentioned yet that I think he is very talented? Today, he is still enjoying his teaching career and has begun to shake the dust of his earlier business and is preparing to pursue it part time.

I have always enjoyed writing and in 2005 Danielle Bean encouraged me to start a blog as a way of beginning a possible writing career. My blogging has become a public journal of our family’s life. Like all families, we too have our ups and downs but I try to focus on the positive and only share down times if I think doing so might actually help someone else. As such people should remember this, lest they compare the inside of their family life with the outside of mine. I use the children’s real names but not our last and nor do I give actual birth dates or details as to where we live exactly.  I don’t know how safe that really makes my public blogging but I feel it helps.

Photo from October 2010 (credits Paul Tomas) Jonathan & Alicia’s wedding. Sadly our son, Miguel, is missing from this family occasion as he was in the field training with the military.

FINALLY, this February, we were all on the same continent and in the same state, so we engaged a local photographer to take some family photos. Sadly while on his way to pick up his son for the photo shoot Miguel encountered vehicle problems and arrived home almost moments after the photographer had left. So we snapped a few photos at home with the complete ‘bakersdozen’. These photos are on another computer so, for now, we will have to make due with an incomplete family photo! But check back later – I hope to have the whole crew up soon!

UPDATE OCTOBER 2016: Here is a more recent and really fun picture of a chunk of the family….taken on the Outer Banks in the fall of 2016 during our first family vacation in 18 years. The last time we were able to rent a house on the beach was almost 18 years to the very week we went this year. That year we had nine children and the youngest was around six months old. (She’s in the photo below now at 18 yrs of age – where as the time gone. I think that’s my new mantra!) This year we rented a 7 bedroom house with two of our married children and we had 11 children 16 years old down to six months with us along with 10 adults. Maybe one year we ALL get to do this together. Thankfully you can find houses with eight plus bedrooms.  🙂


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  1. Hello! I work for The Maximus Group, a Catholic communications firm in the Atlanta area. I’d like to invite you to a pre-release screening of a new film on fatherhood, “Courageous,” which is from the producers of “Fireproof,” the No. 1 independent film of 2008. The screening is at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in Charlotte on Feb. 19. Please send me an e-mail at tlilley@maximusmg.com, and I’ll forward more information and a link to the RSVP for the event. Thanks in advance for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you. God Bless, Tim Lilley

  2. Been pondering starting a blog myself. Just have to learn how to write in an interesting fashion! Oh, and find the TIME to think, much less write.
    Large families are great fun, though!

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