Gluten Free Menu Planning

I am currently in the process of learning how to help my 14 year old daughter live gluten free. As more than one child is suffering continuous health issues and because it will be easier to eventually have the whole family gluten free rather than preparing separate meals – my goal is to eventually have my menus completely gluten free. For now, as I experiment and learn – my menu plans will be mostly gluten free.

Below you will find the link to my first attempt at a mostly gluten free menu plan. It took over 2 hours to create while I searched through my favorite books to find gluten free supper/dinner ideas.  These are, BTW, evening meal menus. Breakfast choices for my 14 year old consist of oatmeal, fresh or canned fruit and/or fried eggs.

Lunch is either leftovers, fresh vegetables or tuna. The variety will grow as I discover other meal ideas that compare in price to home made bread. I’ve already learned about amaranth flour which means, when I locate a source for it here, we can add pancakes, biscuits & flat breads to our breakfast/lunch choices.

Spring time week one dinner menu

Summer Menu Week One


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