Posted by: ourbakersdozen | August 20, 2016

Just jumping in…

You know that moment, on the first day the pool opens and you are standing by the pool with the hot sun beating down on your shoulders and you cautiously stick your toe into the cool blue ripples and gasp – cause in contrast to the sun that water is COLD. Now you are stuck with a decision, to just jump into the depths of that chilly water or ease in a few inches at a time. The easing in seems so much preferable but in reality – it’s just dang painful and full of retreats, isn’t it? When you plug your nose and just jump in, there’s a huge gasp and then in less than 90 seconds you have adjusted to the cool temperature and you’re laughing with friends and it’s done; you are IN!

Well – that’s what I have decided to do with my bog – just jump back into writing I have watched a lot of blogs die off – including mine. Because why? Everyone is pasting their 5 second sound bites on social media…. where they swirl around for a little while and then disappear. The “memories” that FB has decided to start sharing with me – MY memories has really emphasized to me how many memories I have lost to social media. My children frequently get on my different blogs – there’s mum2twelve and this one, and when they do they SIGH; “Why did you stop blogging mummy? It’s so much fun reading about all the things we did.”

Why did I stop? So many reasons, some of which are: I lost confidence in myself. I was also very sick. I didn’t want to share a bunch of negative things but then that’s not all that was happening in my life. There were positive things as well. Such as children growing and memories being made and sadly other than a few soundbites that FB decides to dish up when it wants – they have not really been recorded.

Every time I have thought of jumpstarting my blog it’s been because there has been something funny a younger child has said, or a cool moment with one of the teens or a new baby has been born  – but each time I felt overwhelmed by the guilt that so many months, actually years, have gone by without my blogging about our family.

So today I’m just jumping in – and restarting. This time it’s to capture memories and, if in the process, I inspire a few readers – all the better.

This actually means I’m going to have to get reaquainted with word press as most of my writing the past two years has been with Catholic Sistas and  while their site is also hosted through wordpress – it’s set up very differently.

So here I go – I’m plugging my nose and taking the plunge!







  1. I’m glad you’re back!

    • I didn’t know you read my blog – or did you just find it because of my FB post? And Thank You!!! (:

  2. Yay!! I’ve missed the posts 🙂

    • I know, eh! Already have a second one scheduled to post tomorrow.

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