Posted by: ourbakersdozen | January 31, 2018

Throw Back Tuesday – Reminiscing

This is a little something I penned in the spring of 2011. The child I am writing about is now 12 and no longer asks me to read to her. However – she still enjoys mummy time. It just takes a different form these days.  Often it’s found in the simple pleasure of helping me to complete the weekly shopping. As often as possible – I try to include a shared moment over coffee at our favourite doughnut shop.

She still has beautiful, deep brown eyes and long, golden red hair that hides her face when she is bent over a book, reading quietly to herself.


Read me a story…. please?

I felt a little tap on my elbow calling my attention away from the screen – I shifted slightly and turned my head and was greeted by a solemn face that was haloed by golden curls cascading down around her shoulders and framing her face. Golden brows furrowed, my daughter lisped “will you read me a story?’ hope steeped in every word. A book dangled by her side and her deep brown eyes locked on mine – willing me to say yes.

My eyes still locked on her face, I could none the less see the mental image of my computer screen and the work upon it. She leaned into me just a little and whispered: “Please!”
Torn between my work and the idea that I held the weight of her world in my hands, I hesitated. Her eyes, deep pools of brown, held me in her stare.

It was just a book, a passing, fleeting moment in her life. Why did it matter so much to her? A few words on paper accompanied by pictures. It mattered not if they were works of art caught between the two covers or carelessly scribbled cartoons. What she was seeking was not so much storytime as mummy time – my time. Would I give it her?

Slowly I stretched out my hand and reached for her book and a smile stretched across her face – greeting my smile. She scrambled quickly onto my lap and melted into my body; fitting comfortably between my two arms as I held the book in front of us. I opened it’s cover and slid my finger slowly down the page flipping it over to reveal the first words. “Once Upon a time….”

Elsa reading wood pile

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