Posted by: ourbakersdozen | January 11, 2018

Why yes…

… I am still listening to Christmas music. Yes, I do realize we are back in ordinary times and that Christmas is over. BUT this Christmas just disappeared in the blink of an eye. We were hit with many blessings and challenges.  This was our first year without our fifth child as she is continuing to discern her vocation with the Dominican Sisters of Hawthorne and thus was not home for Christmas this year. However, our second oldest daughter had a brilliant idea back in October. This resulted in several family members contributing money to buy a plane ticket from Ireland to the States so that our oldest could fly home for Christmas. It’s been four years since she has been able to share Christmas with us.  At final count – we only had enough money to get Amanda to NYC so it was decided that our second oldest and her husband would drive up to New York and retrieve her. While they made this trek up and back we were going to watch their five little children – ages 9 down to just turned 3.  To say everyone, esp our eight year old daughter, were excited was an understatement of gargantuan proportions.

Finally the day arrived for John and Jenny to drop off the kids and leave for NYC when the stomach flu hit and hit hard.  This was just one of the many challenges we have faced the past thirty days. The other challenges included our electric meter blowing up and leaving us without electricity for several days. (We are on a well – I will let your imaginations ruminate over that. ) At the same time the furnace’s ignitor broke just as NC was plunged into a deep freeze. Then our family vehicle died leaving us with only our ’79 Ford truck that transports 3 people. The list goes on but I won’t bore you with all the nitty gritty details. In between, and especially during, the struggles there was much laughter, fun times, baking, crafting of hand made gifts followed by much wrapping, coffee dates,  and so much love shared.  Suffice to say – the days just disappeared and suddenly I woke up  this morning and it was time for my daughter to climb back into that large silver bird and fly away home.
So while Christmas is over – I am not ready to say goodbye! Not to Christmas and certainly not to my daughter. So though the tree has long ago died and been taken down, the beautiful twinkling lights are still glowing and Christmas music is still playing. The memories of our many blessings are many – as evidenced in this collage:

Advent Christmas a 2017

I think possibly my eldest child forgot her ‘Merry Christmas, you filthy animal’ Christmas  sweater… why yes – yes she did. I guess she will just have to come back next year for it.


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