Posted by: ourbakersdozen | October 25, 2016

Where Did the first Half of October go?

Well – I think it disappeared down in a hole somewhere and there were moments when I felt I had fallen down in behind it and if I hadn’t, perhaps I should.
Seriously though – it’s been a busy couple of weeks for us. The BIG trip was looming in front of us – complete with the sale of our big old 15 passenger van with which I felt like an era in my life was closing. Then there was the purchase of Hugo’s sixtieth birthday gift – a 1979 Ford Ranger. It is a looker, I tell you. Despite needing a paint job the current paint looks great. It arrived sounding really good but on its first job – it started coughing and knocking so it appears that it will need a bit more work than Ben and Hugo thought it would when they picked it out.


We began October with hurricane Matthew teasing us the last two weeks before the trip. Nathaniel was following his progress long before the rest of us were giving it serious consideration. Eventually though Matthew developed enough fury the rest of us started paying attention and all of us  shared a collective sigh of relief over the fact that we had purchased trip insurance. Still we watched it nervously, at times holding our breath as Matthew continued to veer north  with a westward slant to his trail. He actually fooled us into thinking he was going to miss North Carolina altogether but in the end we received the blunt hit with all the damage and loss of life Florida (all the US Media) was poised to receive.
So began the hours of waiting to hear if the house we had rented was damaged, or even still standing. We did not truly believe the latter scenario but the first one – very much so. Multiple times several of us agreed the trip was toast while a couple of members of the family staunchly held onto hope. Myself, I was resigned to the possibility of the trip being a no go and began to research how one applied for their refund and even dreamed a little about how I would spend it – maybe a few more books for my school library, a jump start on Christmas and a big dinner out with the whole family were a few of my ideas.
We finally heard from the rental company that the house was indeed not damaged, not even a tiny bit and then began the agonizing watch of the slowly receding  water that made every possible path to the islands impassable. Almost all of the islands remained under evacuation notice as well, lending credence to my plans for the refund.We were, by then, only 5 days from our date of departure.
Day by day, one road at a time opened until finally on Wednesday learned that our Island was open and we were 99.5% certain the trip was on. So I began an accelerated planning and packing spree and had a very clear plan of action in my head.
All this was thwarted Wednesday evening, however. I had just placed on a burner the homemade soup Hugo had once more painstakingly transformed out of a pile of turkey bones and was looking with Elsa for one of her blouses we had purchased for the trip. Hugo and Nathaniel were working on repairing the temporary window replacement we had fashioned last year when the original one fell out and shattered. Elsa remembered her blouse was probably in the back of the minivan so she whisked outside while I continued to search through clutter in her bedroom.
I heard Hugo calling me and I met him in the bedroom hallway and calmly but with an air of distress about him – he explained how Elsa had accidently closed the mini van door on Nathaniel’s hand. I took one look at his hand and immediately knew a trip to the ER was a necessary evil that about to rob me of a night or prep. (Needless to say… the soup I had placed earlier on the stove – burned.)

There is a merciful God and he blessed us this night with low volume and quick turnover in the ER despite the bizarre fact of a band of Brownies touring the ER…. I mean, who thinks of the ER as a field trip option? So within three hours, Nathaniel and I were celebrating our good luck that we were not looking at surgery to repair a busted knuckle but I was worried about whether we would be able to squeeze a visit to the Ortho in time to be able to leave with the rest of the family for the OBX. Once again the trip was in danger… but only for our portion of the family intended to go on this first family beach vacation in 18 years.

And then there was a matter of what does a 16 yr old do at the beach with a cast on his hand.



Thankfully we were able to purchase and over night a splint that was approved by his orthopedist and could get wet!  Outer Banks – here we come!


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