Posted by: ourbakersdozen | September 20, 2016

If a Picture’s Worth a Thousand Words…

What is a collage worth?

This does not even come close to capturing the memories of 2016. I don’t think it’s even possible to compress a year of a family the size of ours within a collage but I think I hit on most of the highlights…



This year we squeezed into the very short span of four weeks: a birthday, mother’s day, a baptism, 2 First Holy Communions and a graduation. All of which our eldest daughter flew across the pond to celebrate with us. I also slipped in a touch of Easter, a few pieces of Christmas, our 9th child leaving for college, our fifth child leaving for the beginning of her life as a religious as well as a wedding, the newest grandchild and  some just plain old fun moments.

I’ll share later about the difficulties of adjusting to having a child leave to pursue the vocation Jesus has called her to after she has been your partner in menu planning, cooking, household chores and homeschooling for 5 years.  I’ll also share with you the challenges of learning to cook for only 7 people after 2 decades of cooking for at least a dozen. I can now identify with my older children who often complained to me about the hardships of living off of leftovers every time they cooked for their 2 to 3 roommates after years of cooking for a large family. Trust me I have been swamped with leftovers!


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