Posted by: ourbakersdozen | August 21, 2016

A Daily Planner…

and how it’s affecting my menu planning!

In the past year my second oldest, who is also my second daughter, launched a website aimed at helping mothers find more joy in their vocation because whether you are a first time mum of one or the seasoned mum of many – being a mother can sometimes feel very lonely and anything but joyful. Already a very busy mum of five, this venture meant that her already crazy, busy life became even more busy and the need to plan ahead even more important. So she began to look about for a planner. And she wasn’t finding one that answered what she wanted in a planner. She particularly wanted a lot of space for writing notes. And planning menus… lots of options to plan menus… esp as she sometimes likes to plan out several weeks of menus at a time. Something I have been known to do now and again. So not finding what she wanted – she decided to develop her own.

I have only purchased one planner before and I not only really liked it – I made pretty good use of it. But when it came time to order the next year – I just didn’t have the dollars. We were going through some tough times. (This post from 2006 was more often our reality than not.) After a year without a planner I just never bothered to get another but often missed having one so when Jenny finally published hers, I managed to finagle a copy as an early, EARLY birthday gift. (That’s a pretty funny story that involves a stuffed bear called Bobbette and a little boy called George that I will have to share another day)

Now, as we all know there are few feelings worse than to have hit the floor running early in the morning only to get cut off at the knees by the age old question; “what’s for dinner?” and have nothing to answer with other than I don’t know.… But now with Jenny’s planner when kids ask me what’s for dinner I just point to this:

menu plan


which is the direct result of this:

menu planning

For fun I asked Mister Google for images of: “My face when asked what’s for dinner?”. I’m sharing some of the best responses right now, so don’t bother googling that but if you do – don’t blame me for what you see, OK?

On a day when I’m already beyond exhausted this one reflects my inner child when I realize I’ve forgotten again to thaw the meat for what was going to be dinner…

My face 1


When I’m trying to look like there is something planned and I just need to remember what it was….

Caucasian female

(Photo from:

Now there were some other rather funny ones but this one best reflects how I have typically felt when asked for what feels like the 100th time: “What’s for dinner?”

my face

Sadly I probably really looked a lot like this as recently the kids had begun to premise the dreaded question with “Ummm…. I don’t know if anyone else has asked but I was wondering….” as they edged closer to the best escape route from whatever room I was in.

Since getting my own copy of Mothering Sunshine’s ultimate planner, I’ve been able to either point to the dry erase board or if I haven’t updated the board yet – I’ve just grabbed my planner. Such a feeling of accomplishment – knowing what’s for dinner. I must also share that in taking the time to plan my menu within a planner it’s much easier to remember that on certain days we need to plan a crockpot meal or simple dinner so that we can get to a particular activity on time.


PS the second most dreaded question that sometimes vies for first place in questions mums dread is “what’s for snack”? My most recent solution is to have my kids divide up the snacks by 2 per day times how many days worth of shopping I have bought and they write it on the bottom of the board.


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