Posted by: ourbakersdozen | November 8, 2013

How Many Times…


…must I zap my tea before I actually remember to drink it?

I don’t know… I’m losing count. I think I can be certain it’s not alzheimers causing me to forget my tea. And, since the microwave is not in the kitchen, I think I can safely assume it’s not radio active waves destroying my brain cells. (Though, maybe the repetitive zapping of my forgotten teas is making my hot beverages radio active?)

It’s more likely the sheer number of interruptions that occur in my chaotic life. My day is constantly punctuated with my 13 blessings. I’m either tying a shoe, rereading an algebra lesson in hopes of explaining it to a frustrated teen, answering a text from one of my married children or, I’ve noticed my eldest is online and I grab a moment (and my tea, if I can find it) to chat with her and catch up on her life which is always five hours ahead of mine.

Last night, Hugo asked me if I had seen the links he had sent me. Ooops! No. I checked my email yesterday at about 6 am, and never looked back! (I was chasing down that elusive tea between loads of laundry being dried outside on my makeshift clothes line due to the  untimely and greatly lamented passing of my dryer and running errands, with a little schooling squeezed in between.)

So this morning, while waiting on my tea to be reheated, I grabbed my phone and scrolled through a ton of email down to yesterdays.    I followed one of Hugo’s to Pope Francis. The following pictures will illustrate the impact our Holy Father’s words had on me.

decorating cookies nov 2013

Wasting time with my kids!

 decorated cookies nov 2013

Now, I just need to find that cup of tea so I can enjoy one of these yummy confections the kids and I whipped up this morning.  I think I’ll go check the microwave…

“‘And tell me, do you play with your children? Do you waste time with your children? The free gift of a parent’s time is so important,”

Pope Francis October 2013



  1. they are just as good (if not better) as they look 🙂

    *Tanny is my nick name

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