Posted by: ourbakersdozen | July 31, 2013

Wondering Where I have been?

Well, to be honest l have lost months , nay, years of writing. This is for a variety of reasons. They can be compiled into one word.


Yes, between Whiplash & carpel tunnel syndrome, writing had become nigh Impossible!


with Galaxy 4…. I can write get this….

WITH MY FINGER!!      On my phone!

Look forward to more scribbles. Literally.

And soon when I get a Galaxy tablet, my writing will TAKE OFF! I’m really looking forward to it!. 🙂



  1. Does it have the “swype” feature? Favorite thing about my Android phone. 🙂

    • Swype BUT I can also literally write with my f.i.n.g.e.r. yup, my finger. I write on the pad like my finger tip is a pen and it coverts to type. It’s amazing!

      • Love it! Anything that gets you writing again, right? 🙂

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