Posted by: ourbakersdozen | April 3, 2013

A dilemma for Miss Cecilia ….

… who is beginning her transition to sleeping with the big girls!

Recently she announced that she was going to start giving us  turns. Gabby would get to sleep with her one night and we would get to have her for one night. Quite fair – don”t you think? But when it came time for Gabby’s turn Cici redid the math. “I think I will give you TWO nights and so Gabby can have her turn another night!” I was fine with that.

Last night though – she was really in a pickle. I found her standing in the hallway well after she had been sent to bed. She went to the girls room and peeked in. It was all dark and filled with the quiet sounds of sleep. She pulled the door shut and came to my room and stood there for a second. Heaved a heavy sigh and returned to the girls room! Peeked inside and then returned to my room. I took that opportunity to question her as to WHY she was not in bed with her sisters yet?

“I doesn”t know what to do, Mama. If I leep in the deir woom, I will mis DIS room. But if I leep in dis woom I will miss DAT room!”

Poor little girl – what a dilemma! So I solved it for her – “Since the girls are all asleep already – just get into my bed and sleep here tonight.” She was cutting zzzzz in less than a minute.


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