Posted by: ourbakersdozen | July 2, 2012

Spring Menu Week One

Spring time week one dinner menu

1) Chicken Casserole*

2) Spaghetti**

3) Indian Lentils & Rice ***

4) Mac & cheese & canned stewed tomatoes  (boxed) LEFT OVERS for 14 yr old

5) Baked Beans (variation of this recipe)

6) Barbecue Chicken, potato salad & broccoli

This is a six day menu plan as I have a small fridge and even smaller freezer.  I know – ridiculous given the size of our family! But on day 7 I will go out and get more groceries based on a new plan. Below are some notes.

*Original recipe came from Saving Dinner (p112 of first edition)  & was called Green Chile Chicken Casserole I exchanged 24 oz bottle of mild salsa sauce for the green enchilada sauce because was worried chile sauce would be too hot. Omitted the corn tortillas as was worried they would be soggy. Recipe will be included.

** Spaghetti was served as wheat pasta for majority of family & gluten free pasta for my daughter. I had not discovered corn or rice pasta yet, now I can serve it with gluten free pasta for the whole family. They prefer the rice over the corn pasta. Keep in mind that rice and corn pasta weighs more than wheat pasta so 1 lb of rice/corn pasta yields significantly less than a lb of wheat when cooked. Learned this the hard way! 🙂
Rice appears to yield slightly more cooked pasta than corn.

*** INDIAN LENTILS w/rice Our first attempt at this recipe was a fail. UTTERLY! It’s found on page 17 of Saving Dinner by Leanne Ely from We hope to dry it again and add in crushed tomatoes and we will also add the rice sooner as it did not cook quickly enough.

NOTE – I DO NOT TYPICALLY CO-ORDINATE DAYS OF THE WEEK WITH DINNER SUGGESTIONS, our schedule will determine when we eat what. I have at time, put certain children’s names with meals so that I know who I am going to ask to make what.


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