Posted by: ourbakersdozen | June 21, 2012

while the gluten sensitive cat is away…

The gluten addicted starved mice will play… and eat! Last night it was premade bake in your own oven pizzas from our favorite store. Tonight its freshly baked WHEAT FLOUR bread that will be created into sumptious deli like sandwiches. Complete with our favorite dill pickles on the side and maybe even some soda. Its our last fling with gluten as our daughter returns from her mini vacation with her best friend tomorrow. Then I need to get serious about some summer gluten free menu planning.

I think I have perfected my potato salad recipe, at least I got some fine compliments on it over fathers day weekend. So pop back in later and see if I have managed to get it posted.

Now I’m off to sink my teeth into some delish potato bread with all the fixins for a mouth watering deli sandwich.



  1. That’s funny! We often don’t realize how much we appreciate something until it’s gone (or we can’t eat it ) Enjoy your wheat-deli sandwich-love-in šŸ™‚

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