Posted by: ourbakersdozen | June 19, 2012

Do you love a good bargain?

I know that I am Scots to the bone and I LOVE CHEAP! And better yet I love free. I am forever comparing oz to cents and seeing how many cents an oz this soup costs over the other and so on. And ‘yardsaling’ – there are only two other people who beat me at yard sales – my daughter and my hubby! They can sniff out bargains galore.

Recently though we moved to an area where yard sales are hard to find so I have had to satisfy my yearnings for cheap, yet good quality, items via the various consignment shops until…. my friend Sonya introduced me to  giveaway lotteries. Now I was vaguely aware of them but had not investigated them too closely until my friend emailed me to ask if I would like to get some FREE dresses as she had won a coupon to this upscale online boutique and had already bought a kazillion dresses (ok I exaggerate, but I’m excited about this whole giveaway thingy!) AND still had some internet cash left…

Would I?

YES! So I was able to pick out three beautiful upscale (and MODEST) dresses for my three youngest girls. Oh – well guess what? There was STILL some cash left on her gift card so would my son like something?? (Are you kidding me??) So a pair of shorts and sneakers later… and I was hooked.

So here I am shamelessly hawking the first giveway I am attempting to enter… HOWEVER – don’t judge me until you see how deliciously cute these shoes are!  And I promise  – you will not find your inboxes crowded with posts that are nothing but a shameless attempt on my part to win free clothing, ipads and the like. Nope! Not a worry. My goal is still to write funny cute posts about my kids, share our struggle joy in pursuing a gluten free lifestyle (Guess what I did the first night my gluten free child was not home??) and to perfect menus and recipes that are gluten free.

In fact – Father’s day dinner was entirely GLUTEN FREE! (Well, I think it was, but I have to admit the barbecue sauce was not home made so potentially had soy or gluten in but hey it was mostly burnt cooked off, right?)

So  now run (aka click) over to this blog and check out the incredibly cute shoes! I was supposed to pick ONE pair as a favorite – come on  – ONE PAIR? I’m feeling an infinity with  Imelda Marcos; but only for my kids’ closets – not mine. Me – I only have three pairs of shoes…. )

(Oh, and in case you are curious as to what I did with Bethany gone for the night… I went straight to the store and bought gluten infested ravioli and jarred spaghetti sauce….)

(PS – clicking on the links to my favorite picks is for your enjoyment only! I do not gain extra entries for them – I just REALLY like the shoes!)


  1. I do love a good yard sale 😉

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