Posted by: ourbakersdozen | June 10, 2012

Early Summer Menu

I will not have days of the week written by the dinner meal choices and, I as mentioned in another post these menus are for evening meal choices only  and do not include breakfast and lunch choices. In time I will add these to my published menus. As well, I will be posting recipes that will link to the meal’s name. But this will take time! Be patient with me and soon we will have a smooth flowing well organized set of GF menus & correlated recipes intermingled with my continued personal posts – that will hopefully be amusing, enlightening and enjoyable!

1) Ham & lentil soup  p.268 Sonoma Diet (yeah I have tried that.. lost some weight, then fell back on the sugar wagon and weight loss stopped! But its a great source for GF meal ideas!)

2) Spinach salad & pork chops (or chicken breasts depending on this weeks sales) * rice. (Brown or white) (Sorry this ones in an email to me… but it will be the first one I post and trust me its to DIE for! Really!!!)

3) home made potato salad & roasted ham (the ham leftovers will be used in various ways the next week) Ooops the potato salad recipe is in my head… maybe I can post it the same day as the spinach salad???

4) black bean quesadillas p213 Saving Dinner 1st edition. I’m actually thinking of messing with this recipe so it can be served over rice as the kids were not overly impressed with the corn tortillas.

5) crock pot chowder p 72. Saving Dinner 1st edition. I have made this once before and am looking forward to working it back into my repertoire. Of course, I will have to triple the recipe – as usual.

6) G F Pizza (click here) If you are not aiming for gluten free than order in your favorite pizza, add your favorite brand name to your shopping list or the ingredients for your favorite home made recipe. I’m not sure what we are going to do yet mostly because I have yet to track down sources for the various flours & ingredients needed in GF mommy‘s recipe.

Some weeks I plan out 6 dinners and other weeks – 7.  Not sure why the discrepancy. It just is!

So this week its a six day plan. As even Old Mrs Hubbard would be impressed by the bareness of my cupboard I am pressed for time and recipes will be added daily instead of all of them going up today. So for THIS week the menu planned is for inspiration only. For my readers that is. I have the cookbooks and other copies of recipes to be used. In case you HAVE the same recipe books – where appropriate I have included the book and page number.


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