Posted by: ourbakersdozen | June 7, 2012

Chicken Casserole

This recipe was inspired by a recipe Green Chile Chicken Casserole found in Saving Dinner (first edition p 112)

This recipe was created to feed a family of 12 with the hope of leftovers… there were none! It was that good!

PREHEAT OVEN TO 350 F  (converted to 176.6 C)


2 bags of boneless skinless chicken tenderloins (They were 2.5 bags NOT  5 lb bags as originally posted)

3 tsp curry powder

3 tsp garlic salt or powder (we used salt)

2 – 24 oz jar mild salsa sauce

1 – 16 oz container of sour cream

1 – 3 cup bag of favorite shredded cheese

I boiled the chicken for about 15 minutes, and then divided it between 2   9 X 13  pans as evenly as possible.

I mixed the two herbs/spices in a small bowl and then rubbed/sprinkled it on the chicken before the next step.

Then I covered the chicken with 1 and 1/2 jars of the salsa sauce – split evenly between the two pans of chicken, after which I split the container or sour cream and the evenly covered it with the cheese. In our case we used our favorites store’s brand of Mexican Blend of Shredded cheese.

As the chicken was already precooked, I only had to heat it long enough for the cheese to melt and bubble. I don’t remember the exact time but did quickly put (frozen) broccoli florets on to bold and they were ready at about the same time. I put enough broccoli to serve my family size – which is going to be different from your.

Possible Sides: Our favorite – BROCCOLI, we just love broccoli. A favorite salad and or 1 to 2 vegetable sides.


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