Posted by: ourbakersdozen | June 6, 2012

So what makes more..

One lb of corn appears to make less pasta than one lb of rice and, definitely, they both make significantly less that 1 lb of wheat pasta. What does this mean? That I have a lot to learn as we strive to be as gluten free as possible while we try to learn the causes for some significant health problems different children (and myself) have been experiencing the past year.

This is going to be a HUGE challenge as we learn to eat in a different manner on a very tight budget. We are used to supplementing with home made bread which can make for some very yummy cranberry cracked wheat toast for breakfast and pretty healthy potato bread sandwiches for lunch…  But if the genetically altered wheat that we use to make into flour is causing members of our family to have gluten intolerance issues these breads will have to go by the way side – and will  need to be replaced with something else!

Thus begins a new saga in our lives which will hopefully lead to some interesting posts as I share how to feed a family of 10 – 12 people on a budget of about 1000 a month – as gluten free as possible.

I am already discovering delicious, even mouth watering, recipes that I am looking forward to sharing, as well as gluten free menu plans. So keep checking back as I add some pages to my blog that will incorporate the results of this learning experience.

And, please, definitely pray for me as I acclimate to this huge shift in how I think about feeding my family!



  1. That IS a challenge! Good luck! We don’t have anyone here who is gluten-free, but I’m looking forward to reading and trying your recipes.

    • Checked out your site, tried to leave a comment, not sure it worked. So we are fellow cannucks, eh! Thanks for dropping by!

  2. I learned a few things going gluten free before GF products were available at regular grocery stores. The two easiest things for me were to just stop eating bread and pasta- change to a rice based diet- and to read great GF blogs like Gluten Free Mommy and Gluten Free Goddess. Best of luck on your journey.

    • Thank you, I hope to create a page of resources so Ill check them out for sure!

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