Posted by: ourbakersdozen | May 16, 2012

Humble Pie in Spades…

…or otherwise called why I need to wash my mouth with soap!

(Warning to my readers who labor under the misconception that I am a walking saint, if you do not wish to be robbed of this idea do NOT continue.)

But for the brave of heart, read on.

The other day, while driving to pick up Hugo to go out for a quick bite to eat and discuss real estate issues regarding the home we hope to purchase: a text came in and my phone’s robot secretary suggested I say listen so that she could read it to me.

Cheerfully, I complied:

Nothing, nada, zip.
Again – ziltch..
“LISTEN!” I yelled, my eyes on the road but with my face pressed close to the screen of my phone resting in its cradle.


Losing my patience, I jabbed at the screen while mumbling under my breath; “fine, I WON’T do it this way, you stupid piece of S_ _ t.” (Fill in the blanks, if you must!)

Suddenly from behind piped the sweet innocent voice of my darling 3 yr old. “Why did you call dat a piece of tit, mama?”

Flustered at being overheard and by such innocent ears too, I answered:

“Oh my phone wasn’t working, BUT I shouldn’t have called it that…”

“Ooooooh! DAT is why you called it a piece of tit!?”

Eating humble pie…. by the spades!



  1. Having been there myself (more than once, sadly) I had to laugh. If she’s questioning it, at least it means she doesn’t hear it often (it’s new and not something she’s used to). Something to be thankful for, right? 🙂

  2. A clear case of “Little Pitchers”. I had a case that this reminds me of although it wasn’t a parallel. We were on vacation, renting a DVD and I saw 1 with an intriguing title. Older sons said I wouldn’t like it. We watched it anyhow, and I was looking for a hole to disappear into. What a BAD EXAMPLE!!! How to undo the damage???

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