Posted by: ourbakersdozen | April 16, 2012

what do you do with less than one serving…

… of ice cream left over from a family barbecue and 3 teens, one 11 yr old, one 9 yr old and one 6 yr old and a 3 yr  old all eying it. AND the 3 year old is SERIOUSLY addicted to:

1) getting her own way

2) whining

3) S.U.G.A.R.  in all forms

4) did I mention getting her own way?

Why, you listen the the 9 year old’s idea that she shares – while the 16 yr old carries the screaming 3 year old upstairs where she will remain until her tears are dry and she forgets what she was screaming for in the first place.

Any guesses?

The answer is provided below…  typed backwards…

.edistuo nac egabrag eht ni tuo ti worhT

(In case that was too difficult try this version of the answer .Outside can garbage the in out it Throw )

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  1. Or, you do what I would probably do: you say you MIGHT throw it out, and in reality put it away for Mommy’s midnight snack 🙂

    • except I’m desperately trying to lose weight. :0)

      • Who among us isn’t? 🙂 But I subscribe (perhaps a little too well) to the idea that we shouldn’t care how much we weight when there’s still one scoop of ice cream left 🙂

      • And perhaps that is why my abundant pounds refuse to budge… LOL Typically I would have saved it for me… but I am very determined to shed a few more pounds before bathing suit time… So I readily agreed to throwing it out! 🙂

      • Good for you! I’ll pray the will power holds up 🙂 I was doing Zumba…then Easter candy came. lol

  2. I think your nine year old may be destined for sainthood. LOL

    • Yes – anyone willing to throw out ice cream just might be heading in that direction! :0)

  3. I just did the same with the leftover soda…down the drain though–the bottles will be useful for starting seeds anyway!

    • Don’t tell anyone – but I often toss left over soda down the drain!

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