Posted by: ourbakersdozen | April 2, 2012

How old do you have to be to chew gum in our home?

Yesterday while cuddled up with Cecilia on my lap, she noticed I was popping a piece of gum in my mouth. Heaving a heavy sigh Cici reminded me that she was too little to have gum. You see ever so many years a go, a few months after purchasing our new (to us) van I became very tired of cleaning gum off the seats, floors, windows… and proclaimed there would be a new family rule.

“No gum chewing until you are TEN years old in our family.”

This has remained a hard and fast rule that remained steadfast in the fifteen years since this proclamation. And here is Cici’s interpretation of it:

“I tan’t chew gum yet, can I Momma? I’m not old enough!”

“That’s right, Cici, do you know how old you have to be?”

“Yeth!” she exclaimed confidently.

“So how old do you have to be Cici?”


“Yes, Cici,” I laughed,  “you have to be big.”

And I guess ten is big to a three year old, and ever so far away!


  1. We have a no gum rule, too. I spent too much time scraping it off the wood floor, and out of the dryer. Ugh.

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