Posted by: ourbakersdozen | April 1, 2012

Introducing two new members of our (fur) family

Shortly after arriving at the Abbey where our sixth child, Anna, is currently enrolled as a Hintemyer/Honors student, my droid began to buzz, shake and beep at me as one frantic text followed another:

“Nioma  is having her kittens in the middle of YOUR bed, what do we do?”

“Nioma is trying to make a nest in your closet, what do we do?”

“Nioma’s water broke – she’s having kittens, what do we do?”

After giving a quick prayer of thanks that I had been inspired to make my bed while frantically trying to get three little girls dressed and out the door to meet our ride to the Abbey by 8:30, I began texting instructions back.

“Clean Cici’s laundry basket out my closet and place a few towels on the floor”

“Place towels all over my bed but try to to disturb Nioma”

“Keep bedroom door closed and bathroom door and try not to bother her, just have Ben sit with her….”

Then, trying to ignore the butterflies in my stomach that three teens would be in charge of this birthing process with possibly the assistance of one adult sibling, I turned my attention to visiting with my newest college student, her little siblings and a squeezed in quick visit with my daughter who lives in the area with her 4 little ones.

When I came home I was greeted by these two lovelies and, except for a HUGE mountain of towels in my closet, no mess.

Here is Nioma cuddling the one who looks most like her… I call it Mini Meow as Cici used to call Nioma Miss Meow. I have learned to not touch Nioma’s little nurslings when sleeping, so as to avoid being the subject of her look of reproach that I felt etched on my own face when someone would wake a baby I had only just gotten to sleep! I should have known better, no?



  1. We foster kittens for our local animal shelter. Its so wonderful to snuggle baby kittens. Though we haven witnessed their birth or gotten the stink eye from Mama for waking them.

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