Posted by: ourbakersdozen | December 7, 2011


…not on Kindle but it is here through Lulu. Here is where you can buy my Advent book! And here is the supporting blog/website where I will be adding pictures as often as possible so as to help you build your wall journey.

I have to tell you that I danced quite a jig when we finally published this book. I struggled with Amazon fro two days and their kindle publishing until as least this past Sunday was down… so I went with Lulu which was an incredibly easy experience. Very well laid out and explained as to what you needed to do.

I am learning  more about epub as a platform as for reading and you can down load my book to a nook and if you are really tech savy like my husband you can buy the book as an epub file and convert it to a kindle file and read it on your kindle… I know I got lost in that thought too – but he did it. AND I loved how it looks on the kindle So I cant wait until Amazon gets their two week old software glitch cleaned up…

However – when you purchase through Lulu they have a free means of reading it online as well and direct you to a link where you can down load a free online reader.

Planning a book giveaway so come back for details tomorrow!! (Assuming we do n ot have any more late night ambulance rides…)


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