Posted by: ourbakersdozen | November 29, 2011

Oh oh!

All those hours spent writing with Christmas music playing in the back ground as inspiration has has an unexpected effect.

This weekend when we began talking about whether to use our artificial tree or get a real one to use for our Advent tree our preschooler, Cecilia, began to dance around singing ‘Santa Claus! Santa Claus!’ I over heard a few children explain to her – ‘No – its Saint Nicholas!”  Then yesterday I had the opportunity to hear her first hand and so tried to explain that Santa Claus was really Saint Nicholas.

“No!” she corrected me…. and as proof that she was right began to sing “Hanta Caus is toming to town!”  After a few bars of this repeated refrain, she smiled knowlingly at me and left the room.

Nuff said!




  1. It is SO HARD to explain these things to youngsters.

    (Not as hard as trying to explain the Real Presence, but…)


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