Posted by: ourbakersdozen | September 12, 2011

The landlord from hell…..

There – I bet THAT got your attention and if I were not brain dead I would fill you in on what is behind the title of my post. But I am brain dead so long story short – the landlord has done us a HUGE favor – in that his miserable behaviour and incredible audacity has driven me to finish our application for the rural development mortgage program. Please pray for the success of this application. We are paying much more than we should be for rent so that we can live in a  safe neighbor hood in a house where we don’t have 5 children to a bedroom. We are, as a family, making huge sacrifices to live here. And we were glad to do so until Mr Landlord became Mr. Monster and wanted to rent the one room guest house – utilities included in the rent. Rent he would be collecting – oh and did I mention that utilities are attached to our home and, as such, ARE IN OUR NAME! He can not understand why this upsets us. Seriously!??! (And trust me this is the watered down version of what went down between us and the landlord!)

On another front – we have been back to school and are just starting our third or is it our fourth week? I should know how many weeks – but did I mention I am brain dead… having a 2 yr old give up her naps successfully for 2 – 3 weeks and be in bed by 8:30 for three weeks is NOT the reason. What then is the cause? The past four – five days the fore mentioned 2 yr old suddenly  started falling asleep between 5 and 6 pm and waking at 8 PM…. just as the others were going to bed.  PARTY TIME till 12 AM ensued. Up at six am and five days later – one brain dead mama.

Still I have put a good day in – up by 6:40 today… too late for Mass so we did morning prayers instead. Then while my offspring ate left over pizza for breakfast (though a few chose the more conventional fare of cereal) I started bread and while it was rising, mixed up some biscuits and 2 loaves of pine apple bread. While the biscuits were cooking the younger three students did their math drills and older children searched for their math books.

The white bread is fresh out of the oven and though bleary eyed from lack of sleep I am about to sign into netflix (on my laptop) and make some cookies. This might not be the wisest plan given my fatigue…. I’ll let you know how the cookies turn out. Meantime pea soup is simmering on the front burner and kids are sniffing around what is left of my four loaves and I am guarding them like a bull dog with a fresh bone – in hopes we will get a loaf for supper with 2 left for lunch tomorrow…. Again – I’ll let you know….




  1. There is always something…. Sounds like you kick into high gear when stressed! Then again, what are your options, right? Take care.

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