Posted by: ourbakersdozen | August 18, 2011

A Moment of Honesty

Have any of you wondered why I have not been posting as much as I used to? Assuming that I have any readers left to even notice how little I am posting. Well…. deep breath I have had WRITERS BLOCK.

Yup – every time I think about my blog and what to write – my mind goes blank and so many times I thought – if only I KNEW what my readers wanted to hear from me…. If only I had a question to answer I could write – easily!

After all – the details of my life are really – well – boring. You know – get up, brush teeth, remind Noah to take out dog,  freak out panic if we forgot to put garbage out, scramble to get supper together when I realize we did not plug crock pot in. You – know everything you guys do everyday – well okay I’m assuming here that you are as forgetful as me so perhaps there are no freakouts panicked garbage day moments in your lives but still – you get my point.

The problem is… I LOVE TO WRITE … but I don’t want to just write trivial boring details about my life and to be honest – my prayer life the past year has been in such shambles that  I have not had any brilliant, light bulb shining inspirational moments to share with you either.

And then today a comment was left on my blog that mentioned reviews and giveaways – something I had hoped to one day be able to do with my blog – if only I could write consistently enough to actually build up a large enough audience that businesses would even be interested in my writing a review or participating in a giveaway. As you all know THAT hasn’t happened esp with this writers block non inspirational thingee happening. BUT I do have a blog dedicated to reviews… that has been lying dormant for (ugh dare I say it) a year or more.  (Really more…) Its called Catholic, Classic and Current Books and Movies. (Blush – I had to look up its title)

So I am resurrecting that old blog, dusting it off and through it fulfill my addiction need to write and actually have something intelligent and, hopefully, useful to share with all of you. Never fear this boring blog will continue to publish and I will continue to share the tedious details of my life and on my rare  light bulb moments – an inspirational thought.

I’m excited about this… are you? Have any books you are thinking about or old classic movies you are wondering about… well if you have not read my review blog before – drop by Catholic, Classic and Current Books and Movies and peruse my earliest ancient reviews.  I’ll let you all know as soon as I have a new review up.

Until then – wishing you a  peaceful day!



  1. I love to get new ideas about books etc. and would also love to share some of the ones I read.
    Your idea is a good one.
    Our newest news pertains to a 1st great-grandson telling his mom it should be any time now that she be ready for his appearance.
    Other family news is a great-niece’s wedding to take place in December.
    We are praying for you to find the “right” place to live.
    Please pray for our families needs, mostly spiritual, I think.

  2. I’ve learned that sometimes what seems absolutely mind-numbing to me (like those boring details of my day to day life) are actually interesting to others! It’s like getting to know someone or seeing how another wife and mom does life. Some of my most commented on posts leave me baffled that anyone could care about that stuff, and when I write something I’m very passionate about it’s all silence and crickets chirping! HA!

    • Hey I dropped by as ‘mum2twelve” and left a comment on your blog Mel! just in case you are wondering who that was! lol!

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