Posted by: ourbakersdozen | August 17, 2011

Nope, Nada, Not now….

The house that I requested prayers for did NOT come about. When we were finally able to view the house we realized there were some serious issues with it and dropped our pursuit of the home. However – we still would like prayers. Once upon a time long long ago (at least that is how it feels) we were blessed with our own home and had not been renting for over a decade. Then my husband lost his job and our world – as we knew it – changed. And with that change came the status of “tennant” and all the restrictions that comes with that status – Pets or no Pets, white walls or our favorite colors, put up a  fence or no….

So I humbly ask that you continue to keep our housing needs in your prayers. We are currently renting a large 5 bedroom home at a very high price which we, as a family, have to make sacrifices in order to pay this monthly rent. A mortgage would be significantly cheaper.  When we had to start looking for a new home to rent we found that any home we looked at that was large enough to comfortably accommodate us and was in a more affordable range was typically owned by landlords who were specializing in Section Eight housing and/or were in neighborhoods you would not even drop our dog off in, let alone choose to live in with your young children.  Many other homes that we came across were way too small for our family or on dangerously busy roads. It took almost four months to find a large home in a nice neighborhood that was owned by someone who did not immediately hang up once they knew how many children we had living at home.  Unfortunately we have run into some serious problems with the home we are in and so we are looking again.  (The landlord has decided to try and rent a one room building that is behind our house that shares our yard and driveway AND OUR UTILITIES…. He was flabbergasted that we were upset about the idea of paying for someone else’ water, sewage and electricity.)  We have turned the utilities to this building off…. I see a storm on the horizon and thus a search for a new home, yet again, lies ahead of us.

Please pray that we will be given the graces of fortitude and wisdom as we commence this search for the “perfect” home. We are praying that we might be able to purchase a home this time around, though with a teacher’s salary and recovering from bankruptcy and foreclosure (almost 7 years now) we are not terribly hopeful esp sans a down payment…. so prayers pretty please! I think this dream will take a miracle!

For the next couple of weeks – instead of actually writing posts I will be adding to the menu plans and routines as I gear up for a new school year. I have had to cut back on my attempts to earn a second income due to poor health on my part. My energy belongs first to our children and our homeschooling efforts and as such I have turned the finances over to our Lord – already with good results. Now I must continue to practice the art of not worrying and simply trusting while I follow what I believe are God’s wants and goals for me – rather than my own.  Look forward to seeing some new menus and short cuts to a tidy home.


  1. Hello, I came upon your site because I’m looking for bloggers who do reviews and giveaways – which it doesn’t look like you do (no problem, not asking)…However, I did read your article here about trying to find a new home and it really hit home for me. I’m doing this new business venture because I like what I’ve found to sell, but also because we’re financially drowning. We also lost our house – or are in the process of losing it – and rather than stay there and bank money (which probably would’ve been wise), I couldn’t handle the uncertainty of where we were going to end up and started scouring craigslist several times a day with my list of criteria (and wish list that we gave to Jesus last Christmas). I was just beside myself at the uncertainty of where we were going to end up…I know how you’re feeling..know how you look around at what you can “realistically” afford and it’s not pretty (I was getting seriously depressed). Well, I came upon the house we’re in now and it was $400/month over what we’d set as our budget, but other people encouraged us to take it because it’s such a great house, out in the country, the landlords are unbelievably nice (gutted the house and let ME pick stuff out for it)…and there’s an outbuilding that we could sublease for storage. Well, we have yet to get one bite on the storage, so we’re sapping our savings to live on. I’m just ill, but praying and hoping that we didn’t take this house out of greed, but rather out of trust that God was going to take our hearts’ desires into consideration in helping us find our new home… Okay, my daughter needs me – I have to wrap up. You are not alone and I’m grateful to have read your article because I feel less alone in this…

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