Posted by: ourbakersdozen | July 8, 2011

Prayer Request

We have recently come across a home for rent in the country with land and a barn.  (Thank you for the heads up Lori)And for significantly less than what we are paying now.  I have called twice and left a voicemail and driven by it three times. However – although the for rent sign is still up… we have not had any of our calls returned. Now, its summer and maybe the owner is on vacation – one can hope, eh? and not that it has rented in the less than one week . But I am practicing that virtue of “faith” and leaving it in God’s hands – rather than twisting and knotting my hands in worry and consternation. IF it will be good for us to rent this home and pack up a five bedroom home that does not have a/c in 85 degree temperatures – it will happen! If not – it won’t. And worrying myself sick as to whether the owner will call me back or not – will not change the outcome. So as wise and sage that I have become over the past months (yes I am poking fun at myself!) instead of worrying – I am prevailing upon my good friends and readers to offer up their prayers along with mine.  IF it is God’s will that we should be able to rent this home and we would benefit from such a move – may it all come to pass and without a great deal of complications and issues.  (And soon – as it would be good to be moved before school starts in mid August!)

To inspire you in your prayers here is a photo of the home…..

It would be so much easier to practice my new motto to “let go and Let God’ – if the kids would stop asking me every couple of hours… “Did the owners of the house call yet?”


  1. Hey! Just drove by that house and was wondering that was the one. My old elementary school friend just sold it to the people who own the land behind the house, with all the construction equipment. Praying for the best!

    • So I wonder if maybe that means that the land is not available any more…. 😦 REALLY WANT some land so we can have pigs chickens and maybe even a cow! Definitely a horse or two….

  2. I can empathize with you and will definitely pray for you to find whatever God has in mind for you. Many years ago I dreamed of living “in the country”.
    My husband and I searched and searched, and finally landed here on the rim of Tecolote Canyon in San Diego. Over time I have realized that it is the perfect place for us as we raised our 10 and now. I most likely wouldn’t have had strength to “farm” and take proper care of family. Also, the closest to farming my husband tries, is raising a little corn. So God be praised!

  3. What a beautiful home — and at less rent, I can imagine you’re anxious to “bag” this one! We’re in the same boat — contemplating moving from rental to rental with a better price tag… Adding prayers for your situation along with ours!

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