Posted by: ourbakersdozen | June 29, 2011


Thank you one and all who prayed for our green card process.  If I wasn’t so tired I would have you all laughing over the details but for now it will have to suffice to say we are now in the third and last step of the green card renewal process. The boys were shuffled through with us with a simple signature of the manager detailing the boys were allowed to have their biometrics processed with the rest of we aliens! This manager was not even seen by us – but was simply a shadow that remained ensconced in his/her office.

BUT whoever this person was s/he is blessed with common sense and used it  – praise Be to God from whom this blessing flowed! Interestingly – I got the jitters the past few days “Because I had not worried enough”. I had prayed… put it in Gods hands… and did not allow myself to worry. I even went so far as to forget about it. Suddenly the date was upon us and I got worried … that I had not worried enough. Translation – I have equated praying with worrying…. If I am worrying – I am praying…. Not SO!

And what better proof could we have than this. In the past 48 hours when I was tempted to ‘catch up’ with my worry – I simply reminded myself that I had prayed and that it was now in God’s Hands.

Proof positive – our appointment was at 1 PM… we were back on the highway well before 2 pm. You can’t say better than that! Thank you Jesus!!!


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