Posted by: ourbakersdozen | June 23, 2011

Turning the tables…

So Cecilia’s speech is growing in leaps and bounds and, as such, so are her verbal demands. While my husband and I prepared breakfast this morning Cecilia decided she wanted ‘I cweam’ for breakfast and began to beg ask for it.

“I want I Cream peeease!”  I WANT I Cweam!!”

I patiently explained there wass no ‘I Cweam’ – I’m sorry. I didn’t even go down the road of trying to explain that ice cream was a dessert and therefor not included in the new FDA breakfast plate that has replaced the old pyramid of required foods. After sorta patiently explaining a kazillion times that there was no I Cweam left in the freezer I had a light bulb  moment.

“Cici!” I exclaimed.”I want some Ice Cream! Please go get me some Ice Cream from the freezer!”

“OH! Okay!” she replied cheerfully. Her little feet padded into the kitchen. I heard the feezer door suck open as the sticky remnants around the door seal reluctantly let go and then it closed.

Micro seconds later she stood sorrowfully before me. “Dere No I Cream Mummy. Im thorry!”

“That’s ok!” I replied cheerfully. “I’ll just have some toast! Do you want some?”


At last score one for mummy…. Cici – way ahead!!! But today I successfully turned the table on her!!



  1. Brillant!

    • Oh, I can’t spell tonight. Let’s try, brilliant!

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