Posted by: ourbakersdozen | June 14, 2011

A Special this Week!

Good Morning!! As most of you must know by now – I am working part time on a couple of endeavors all of which ultimately have the same goal: to earn more income for my family.  But while most of my readers are aware that I am working part time you may not be aware of just what projects I am working on.

As well as my blogs (including the newsest one here and my review blog here) I am also working on a historical novel which is largely still in the research mode but the main character has been evolving the past few months and already has some strong fans in the writers group that I meet with monthly. I am incredibly excited about this book as it is a very personal story due to its being based on my grandmother who recently passed away. She was one of Britain’s Home Children or Boat Children as they are sometimes referred to. She at the age of nine, and at least three other siblings, were shipped to Canada in the early 1920’s.  This was a tragic story for most of the  Home Children and recently a movie released in Britain shares the story of the children shipped off to Australia. Currently, though, I am not aware of any historical novels based on the lives of the children who arrived in Canada and I am so impatient to get on with writing my family’s portion of this incredible story.

Another vein of writing that I am following is my acceptance of an invitation to be a contributor to an evolving project called the Catholic Home Educator Magazine to be published by Partridge Hill Media.  This is currently a voluntary position and my hope is that getting my name out there will lead to paying gigs.

So for now – the only “paying gig” that I have currently have is my Mary Kay business and for a little exciting news – I am only 300 away from reaching Sapphire!! I would love to meet that goal and so I have decided to let you all know how you could help me do this. It is such a win, win scenario.

Those of my readers who are currently my customers – take note – for this week I am a running a Buy Two get a Third item half price sale! So for every two items that you purchase you will get a third item of equal or lessor value for half price. So if you are almost out of mascara consider our new one  called LOVE (and no pun intended I LOVE IT!) and then stock up on our oil free eye make up remover by buying a mascara and two eye make up removers so as to get the second one half price!

If you are not my customer or were a Mary Kay fan who has fallen off the wagon – what are you waiting for? If you got here through Facebook – message me and I will get back to you about your order or to schedule an “all about pampering you” facial. Know exactly what you want or need? Then just click here and place your order.  Once I receive  your order –  I will contact you with your  final total tabulated based on the half price special on third items.  I can take checks, money orders, or even credit cards and of course cash is always welcome!

As always, if you have a consultant and are missing her – give her a call, she will LOVE you for it! But if you have lost your consultant  – I am more than happy to assist you with your beauty and skin care needs! So – let the shopping begin! AND THANK YOU in advance for your support!

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