Posted by: ourbakersdozen | May 24, 2011


Cecilia, for whom the words B.E.D. & S.L.E.E.P both hold a four letter word connotation came to me rather sleepy and asked to lie down with me. Realizing this was my chance to get her to sleep I scooped her up and we started for the second floor. On the way we passed Bethany who wanted me to look at her room. “In a minute,” I said;  “First Cici needs to go to  B..E…D…”

Upon entering my room I discovered Anna torturing tickling 6 yr old Elsa.

“Anna – Elsa and Emma need to go to B.E.D. please!” – meaning for Anna to take the hint and get Elsa out and ready…

Cici got quite excited at this point. She currently LOVES to do EVERYTHING Elsa (Yaya) is doing and she exclaimed to Anna – “Yeah I going bee. eee. deee. like Yaya!!”

Luckily she can’t spell yet and so far has not cottoned onto exactly what B.E.D. is! Or has she…. she has quite disappeared while I was whipping this out! I hear her with Yaya…..

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