Posted by: ourbakersdozen | May 16, 2011

Tooth Haven… or Heaven?

Elsa- checking the top of the dresser in my room where she had deposited her tooth that she had labored over all weekend.

“Hey – its still there!” She exclaimed.

I answered “Well maybe the toothfairy was waiting to come today after you saw the dentist….’

“Oh” – she hopped down off the thin ledge of the bottom dresser drawer she was perched on. “Where are my teeth they pulled today?”

Stifling a yawn I sighed:

“I don’t know – I think they are downstairs but if you find them please don’t loose them – ok?

Hows that for fatigued brain logic….

The tooth fairy will have to break the bank tonight as between the tooth Elsa wiggled out and the two that were pulled today to make room for the adult teeth that were coming in at cross angles due to lack of room and the FOUR (yes you read that correctly) that Nathaniel had pulled for the same reason – we are up to 7 dollars….. Now that is one haul – doncha think?

Menu tonight

chicken soup w/rice

apple sauce

pudding and popscycles

For those of us still with teeth – Argentinian roast… mashed potatoes…. and broccoli. (Maybe I can pure the broccoli and mashed potatoes?)


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