Posted by: ourbakersdozen | May 4, 2011

Time Line

I have always wanted to do a timeline with the kids and once somewhere in the past – we did work on one. It ran down the hallway in our house on Patterson Lake. But that feels like eons ago and it was with the first generation of our family.. (The kids from the 80’s…)

We still have all of the nineties at home so while I’m doing this as a course of study with the ’00 kids – the nineties are still around to enjoy watching our timeline grow. In fact it was all hands on deck when I decided to give the children something of an idea of how long ago 7000 years ago is. Right now our time line on the wall starts at about 950 BC and goes right up to today. From Jesus’ time up to 2011 takes a little over 20 sheets of papers – or 10 per millennium. So 7000 years would be…. (Ill wait while you do the math – if you are as tired as me feel free to count your fingers and toes…) SEVENTY sheets of paper.

Emma helped me count them out and as we have paper for dot matrix printers – she and I counted them out a millennium at a time – until we had seven sets of continuous running paper. Then we needed everyone’s help while we constructed this:

outside on the side lawn . The rock you see is 2011. Emma at the far end of the tunnel of time is modeling for the cave girl we are reading about from 7000 years ago in the book The Story of The World. (We also have the activity book so far we are enjoying it!) In between we have items that represent important dates in our history.

I did not have a crucifix hand that was both large and heavy enough to hold down Jesus’ time in history so I went with a pot of plants to represent His gift of new life…. (BE SURE TO CLICK ON PICTURE TO SEE ALL OF IT)

Then we had a basket, though not of reeds, to represent Moses. Shortly before Moses we have Abraham represented by a pile of rocks from His sacrifice that was to be Isaac. (Just learned today Isaac means laughter!) I did not realize Abraham and Mosses  were so close together – it has always felt to me that there was so much more time between their generations. However  Noah is many, many sheets centuries away before Abraham.

Seeing it all visually was a really cool and I trust will help us to continue to put the passage of time in perspective.  Over the next months we will be adding important events from the past as well as when certain Saints lived along with famous artists and musicians. I can’t wait to see the finished product.



  1. What a great idea! Maybe I can share it with our kids for their kids.

    • I will add – soon – a close up of the time line on the wall. This can also be done with the roll of paper you can buy for easels. I used that when I did it the first time with the first four kids. Hope your kids like the idea! 🙂

  2. This is awesome. You have such great ideas!

  3. What a delightful idea! Although I wanted to homeschool some of our 10, I didn’t have the fiber that it takes to actually try it. My husband and I did provide lots of
    enrichment experiences, though.

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