Posted by: ourbakersdozen | April 28, 2011

Where has the month gone?

Is it almost the end of April?? The month has flown by – so much going on. The ending of Lent… Holy week… Easter… egg hunts… tornadoes… and seemingly endless paperwork.

Yes Paperwork! Finally – in between dodging tornadoes, teaching phonics, pinning teens down to math books and house training a new puppy, I have been working on…. (NO – not TAXES that was in March )- GREEN CARD RENEWAL APPLICATIONS… five of them. Please considering adding these renewals to your prayer requests as we have a slight complication.

You see – a while ago two of children’s cards were stolen. And we need to produce photocopies of the cards OR a State Issued ID. Well – obviously a photocopy is out of the question (though I NOW have copies of ALL remaining cards….)  and here is our quandary. In order to get a State issued ID card here in NC – we need to have social security cards… in order to get a social security card we need … the actual green card. Photocopies (which we don’t have anyway) or other paperwork supporting them are not accepted. And I am speaking from experience.  I have explained that in a letter with the applications. Surely we cannot be the first green card holders in the US to ever be in this situation???

I am praying that someone who is reasonable and capable of thinking will look at all the evidence I have sent in – including what is called the “mailer” that comes with the original card and that we are to supply with the application and simply approve their renewals. Being a close relative to that hateful member of society – “Murphy” (of Murphy’s law) I am not feeling too hopeful.

So I am appealing to you – my faithful readers – to pray – as prayer far outweighs any mischief Murphy is capable of creating.

I will close with a tease &  promise… what kind of puppy do you think we have added to our family? I promise to add its picture soon…. really I do!



  1. I’m guessing it’s some sort of shepherd, or possibly something in the collie family.

    • Nope… not a shepherd or collie…. 🙂 Keep guessing and those of you who have MET him no telling. Hehehehe!!

  2. Think about a square, roped arena…

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