Posted by: ourbakersdozen | January 22, 2011

HOW many siblings?

Overheard from the confessional (not really FROM the confessional!)

One of my much younger children who is fairly new at the sacrament of confession and still LOVES to go because as she puts it “her heart feels so fresh after she goes” literally bounced from the  confessional to the pew with a huge smile on her face. She floated into the pew before me and grinned at me.  “Guess what my penance is?”

“What is it – do you need help with it?”

“Well maybe. I got one like  ( Shall remain nameless)! I have to say an Our Father for  my daddy and a Hail Mary for my mummy. Then I have to say Hail Maries for each of  my sisters. And an Our Father for each my brothers. Father asked me how many brothers I had and I said five and then he asked me how many sisters and I said uhhh that’s a hard one but there are thirteen children in our family! Then he said wow – uh, are they all here? And when I said no – he said WHEW!”

Now don’t be judgmental of this Father. He is an excellent confessor and at least two of the people who went before this ‘eager beaver’ of mine, had spent a solid 30 minutes in the confessional and time was rapidly running out before evening Mass was to begin.



  1. Haaaaa!!! That’s Awesome

  2. heehee! Love this!

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