Posted by: ourbakersdozen | January 19, 2011


Yes this is a plea for help, a plea of desperation. A call for prayers and lots of them.


Or at least dangerously close to it. The cause? A certain two year old who shall remain nameless but is the youngest of 13 and has adorable blue eyes with “golden” hair as her elder sister, Elsa, describes it.  And how is this particular child driving her mother to insanity?

SLEEP – or rather the lack of it. (Peg – know what I mean?) This nameless two year old has developed a most awful sleep schedule. She has a will of iron when it comes to fighting sleep and she easily holds out against her dreaded enemy that has a three letter name of a four letter connotation to her;  N.A.P.  until once again 3 pm has come and gone  with no N.A.P.

Then we are faced with a conundrum – force the issue using the various tactics at hand, a long leisurely drive to pick Daddy up from work, threats of the crib if she does not lay down and nurse (this weapon is totally useless before 3 pm and is typically used only when I’m in complete desperation) bribing a teen to sling her on their shoulder and sing her to sleep while walking her in a rythmetical (is that a word?) manner. On the very rare occasion nature takes matter in its own hands and we find her sound asleep in the corner she was last seen playing in.

OR – do we do everything in our power to keep her awake until 8 pm when we can, with relative certainty, know she will sleep till morning.  This requires engaging her in various activities such as bathes, playing hide n seek etc. We have many hands on deck to assist with this. Yet this tactic typically fails because by about 5 pm the lack of her dreaded N.A.P. causes her to fall asleep almost in her tracks – no matter how many lollipops we try to prop her sleepy eyes open with. So we typically go with option one – forcing the nap.

Regardless – the result is the same. A midnight bedtime…. And with a 6 AM alarm in store for Hugo and I each morning this does not leave us a lot of wiggle room for sleep. The end result is not only sleep deprivation (Perhaps I should inform her of the Geneva Convention?)  but total chaos in my prayer life and its all down hill from there.

Ideally I should just bite the bullet and not hit the snooze button repeatedly until Hugo and I are forced the jump from bed into our clothes and out the door, the only smoke following being from our speeding feet and not bread in the toaster! AND wake up the little monster golden haired cuddle bug at six. But we are so tired that this feels like a feat that would match that of climbing Mount Everest sans any mountain gear and/or training.

So I’m pulling all the stops out and begging asking for your prayers for the fortitude that I need to employ the above tactic. It will be painful initially but in the long term well worth it.  So please pull out all the stops; rosaries, novenas, favorites Saints – what ever is your favorite arsenal and implore God for the strength and will power that I will need to conquer this cross challenge. God Bless you in advance!!!


  1. I have a 4 yr old daughter that is way too similar in her sleep habits lately. She naps wonderfully but too well since she’s older and doesn’t need as much sleep. Basically if she naps she doesn’t sleep until 10 or 11pm. If she doesn’t nap she’s a big tantrum from 4pm on or she passed out around 6pm and is up again at 2am. I thought this past week we might have made it to the other side she didn’t nap 4 days in a row and was half decent behavior wise. Well Saturday night she went to bed at 8pm and was bright eyed at 4am and she’s back to her old schedule. We have a 2 yr old who won’t nap but sleeps wonderfully from 8pm to 6am and a 7yr old that has to get to bed by 9 to get up for school by 630. The 4 yr old is supposed to share a room with the 7 yr old but of course that won’t work. The 2 and 7 yr old are our foster children so I’m hoping after they leave sleep will be better or at least I can sleep when our daughter does. I don’t have any good advice. If you find a good saint or novena please share it. One thing I’ve talked to my daughter about is she wants a Jesus picture like in our bedroom. Maybe having a few saint/Jesus/Guardian angel items will help her. I’m willing to try. I need sleep much more now then when our oldest 2 daughters were little 20 yrs ago.

  2. Well, I know how hard it is to force a 2-year-old nap (we use milk for that), but I’m sure it could be worse… if she didn’t sleep through the night! 🙂

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