Posted by: ourbakersdozen | January 8, 2011

Calling All Prayer Warriors

The end of February (I walked out of the Dr’s office thinking we had settled on the 19th, sent out emails announcing it as such but when the head ache cleared – Ibegan to wonder if maybe we had said the 26th???) so for now we will stick with the “end of February” as the date when Emma is scheduled for surgery.

But 19th or 26th it is  on. a. Saturday.

YES – you read that correctly – Saturday. This Dr loves to operate on Saturdays. AND I LOVE THAT he loves to work on Saturday – it means the waiting rooms are almost empty and the nurses have very, very, few new patients under their care. AND it means Hugo can accompany us w/o interrupting the school’s schedule.

Unfortunately VCUG’s can not be scheduled on Saturdays so today Emma and I arose early with Hugo and sneaked out of the house before Cecilia woke up, dropped Hugo off at school, traded phones (his has GPS mine does not…)  gassed up and headed off for Charlotte – an hours drive from here.  With plenty of time to spare before our check in time I gratefully pulled into the parking tower and promptly had a heart attack as I tried to squeeze our 15 passenger van under the 6 foot high (or maybe low?)  ceiling. My spare minutes trickled away to nothing as I carefully maneuvered up and down the crowded parking lanes searching for not just for any empty spot but one that would accommodate my burgundy whale. Emma and I had been praying for the discovery of said spot AND a much needed hair tie. As we crawled up the second lane Emma sighed and said very matter of factly “Ok mummy if you have to choose between Jesus helping us find a parking spot or hair tie which do you want?”

“Parking spot!” I replied between clenched teeth as I felt the knot in the muscles in the top of my neck tighten just a bit more. She eagerly began to ply Jesus for this and dropped the tie request. Hurray – we found two, empty, side by side . A piece of cake to park in! Once we had the van settled we unloaded our various bags and purses. Diaper bag packed with oodles of Kleenex – check, purse with wallet insurance card etc check, dog basket with (toy) puppy Wendy dressed in festive pink – check. We were good to go.

I’ll spare you all the difficult and painful details of her VCUG and simply say everyone there was just grand & so kind! Her radiologist had, in fact, had a VCUG when she was a child so she knew first hand just what Emma was suffering through. Results were immediately evident on the monitor and I did not really need our scheduled consult to know the diagnosis and resulting treatment plan. Two separate procedures that involved injecting Emma’s malfunctioning urethras with what some refer to as “sugar plugs” had clearly failed. So three partial sedations, three VCUGS, two full sedations & medical procedures later – we are still heading for the surgery that we had hoped to avoid through all of the aforementioned proceedures.

However, after treating ourselves to lunch in the hospital cafeteria and killing an hour by reading Little House in the Woods together, Emma and I headed off to our 1 pm appointment with her specialist where he confirmed my suspicions. So as my title requests – I am calling on all Prayer Warriors to pray for the success of this last resort. The xrays were somewhat chilling as the reflux is just as bad as it was when she was first diagnosed. The good news though is that, so far, we have no lasting damage noted in her kidneys and for this I say God is GOOD and I praise Him for this miracle so as we fill His ears with our pleas for a full recovery please also join me in praising Him for this miracle!! When her condition was discovered last Easter weekend – her right kidney was swollen and filled with large black spots…. which it no longer is.



  1. Our family prays for her every night!

  2. Praying for dear little Emma! What a trial to go through so young.

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