Posted by: ourbakersdozen | January 3, 2011

St Philomena… pray for me.

A friend recently sent me a link to a site where you can have a Saint’s name generated for you – the idea being that you pray before hand that a saint through this instrument will choose to be my intercessor for the new year or for a cause that I am praying for.

Before hitting the select button I prayed for a Saint who would pray for me as I worked this coming year to build my business to the honor and glory of Mary – Queen of Heaven. I asked that this saint would also pray for Hugo and I as we search for a permanent housing situation for our family – whether it be that this is the house we live in for the next twenty plus years – or it be a home in the country.

St Philomena, Patron Saint of the Living Rosary and of Mary’s Children, selected me for this cause.  I am honored.

Thank you Erica for sharing this link!



  1. Thank you for your prayers and thoughts! 🙂 I love blogging because I’m a prayer junkie and you just never know who is praying for you as they come across you blog! 😉

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