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It is an awesome house, Five Bedrooms… a library that my husband has claimed as his own – but it’s too dark for my liking so he can have it. (No sour grapes here!)  Space in kitchen (that has oodles of counter space – who hoo) for a dishwasher – just no actual dishwasher! (But there’s space … actually cut into the cupboard so… I have hope!) Partially fenced in LARGE backyard with little paths throughout it just perfect for little feet to tread upon pushing their Christmas babies along in their strollers. (And inlaid upon one of this paths is the Capital Letter G… first letter in our last name. Hmmmm) Two full baths and one half bath.. ALL FUNCTIONING that will be such a treat after only two toilets and one bath for 11 people the past several years! And only about five blocks from a good friend who is elderly and loves our children and was hoping we would move close to her. I’m looking forward to doing much cooking with her  in my new kitchen that has – did I all ready mention this – OOODLES OF COUNTER SPACE!  Its also a stones throw from a lovely park complete with pond and ducks as well as lots of kid friendly swings.

So…. any downsides… Weeeelllll – no ac so come summer it will be a bit, ummm, HOT! But there are always window units – right? And (sigh) washer dryer units go     in      the       basement! So if we buy the house (which is an option) – I will change that asap. (I think – I do have a few laundry room ideas I might incorporate that would  make it a really neat laundry room even if in the basement)

Last piece of icing on the cake is that we are on a month to month lease so if our application for a rural development loan is approved and we find the home of our dreams in the country we cam give a months notice and move….  (Oh goody another move! Such a sucker for punishment am I!)

So if you are looking for me over the next few weeks… I will be the one with her head stuck in the closets or packing boxes.



  1. Congratulations! It sounds lovely. Hope the move goes smoothly!

  2. This is wonderful! I have been praying all my novenas, St Andrew, Immaculate Conception, St Lucy, Holy Family and my self-written novena to John Paul II in the last month for your home! I am so heartened to see it! I knew God would answer these prayers. God Bless you All!

  3. Wow, five bedrooms! Nice!
    Well, I don’t know how hot it is there, but I live in Rio de Janeiro, and avarage temperature here in the summer, indoors, at night, is 28 celsius. During the day, we might have 40 outdoors. Really hot! People here say they can’t live without airconditioner, but I assure you that we can! I have ceiling fans in bedrooms and in the living room, and it feels enough. In the kitchen, I use a regular floor fan, also enough. And it’s very humidy here, it’s been around 80% day in day out.
    If your situation is similar to ours, you will survive summer!

    • Oh I know! We live with similar temps here in the summer but probably don’t hit 40 too often but we get in the high thirties – daily in the summer. The humidity is the real killer and for the last two summers we have lived without A/C so I know its doable – just not that enjoyable!! =P But I’m grateful to know where we are going and looking forward to the move. And I am TICKLED pink over the new bathrooms and the five bedrooms and a delicious kitchen to cook in!

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