Posted by: ourbakersdozen | December 21, 2010

Still sick….

just not homesick… and oh we are so very sick. Thus you have not heard much from me despite my effort to get back to regular blogging.  We have a few cold viruses and a stomach bug that had Cecilia unable to keep anything down for FOUR DAYS. I think it was the nursing that kept her hydrated despite horridly smelling diapers and constant up chucking.

We did pray that we would not all be clutching barf buckets this 25th, as we were last year, but I guess we should have been more clear in our requests…

And me – lucky me? I get to enjoy BOTH viruses.  Am I not just so blessed? (Ahh, that is a rhetorical question I do NOT want answered thank you very much!)

And my back is beginning to complain… just a little.

So as to the age old question that I will answering the next few days “Ready for Christmas?” Heck no! I’m barely started. Not even a shred of baking in the house.  So, in addition to a close proximity to a bathroom –  you all can guess where I will be complete with a box of kleen.ex  – in St Nicks workshop of course. He is getting impatient to help me wrap the gifts that he and Baby Jesus will put out Christmas Eve,

So please keep me in your prayers while I work hard to keep my eyes on the real meaning of Christmas the next few days. It is hard to be peaceful, kind and loving when you feel like you have been run over by a four wheeler and your 2 yr old is behaving as if she too feels the same.  The others are not quite as sick as she and I but they are not in their best forms either.

So how about all of you?  “Are you all ready?”



  1. Well, we had a nice bout of vomiting ourselves over here, taking up most of our last week, but I was already mostly done with the preparations. Now Davey’s on leave, which is taking up all the rest of my time…

    Only a few things left to do!

    Hope you’re feeling better soon.

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