Posted by: ourbakersdozen | December 15, 2010


A little while ago I posted how I was feeling a bit homesick. As a result I found an online radio station that broadcasts out of Ottawa, Ontario.  I’ve been enjoying the weather forecasts and rush hour traffic reports especially. The rush hour reports constantly mention street names that bring back memories from the 14 years we lived in the Ottawa region. The Queensway that takes one through the city at break neck speed, Meridith and Carling where Hugo worked and, of course, Rideau Street.  Politics seemed to have changed little though the names are new. People still cripe about the bilingual laws that prevent English people from getting federal jobs, postal workers and the transit are perpetually on the brink of a possible strike…

The weather report this morning, however, brought a big surprise. At minus 13 celcius (8.6 F) we, here in NC, were  colder than the citizens of Ottawa where the radio was reporting a low of minus 9. (15.8 F) Not quite believing our ears we googled the weather reports and sure enough – we were experiencing a more severe cold front.  But if its any comfort some areas of Ontario are experiencing record snow falls… such as London Ontario where they have had a meter (3 feet) of snow fall over night.

And my bout of homesickness – is not so much anymore. I’m kicking back, enjoying hot chocolate and as long as I can borrow my son’s down filled jacket for my errands – I’m good. There is nothing like a cold brisk wind to clear the mind… and the soul!


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