Posted by: ourbakersdozen | December 13, 2010

60 degree f or 15 c…


Even with the heat on… Its a challenge to heat this house and even harder to get anything done when it’s this cold inside… The other rooms without electric heaters as supplemental heat are even colder!! BRRRRRRRRR!!!! Due to fuses easily overloading we can only run a couple of these heaters so we are combating the icicles with a lot of hot chocolate and I warm my frozen hands baking in the kitchen – almost daily.  Kids are loving it but my waistline… is…. well –  looking forward to warmer weather!

I miss our wood-stove we left behind in Canada… there is nothing as cosy as a woodfire! Well back to some hot chocolate and home made bread. Sugar cookie dough is chillin’ in the fridge tho I’m not so sure it needs be in the fridge! HA! And I think I’ll put some more Janet’s Bread to rise while I wait on my sugar dough.  (And avoid the scales till spring!)


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